Zim Desktop Wiki: Note Taking The Awesome Way Part Two

I got all excited about Zim Desktop Wiki and I wrote a post about it Here. However after using the program for a couple of months I came to the conclusion that it didn’t covering my needs. As it turns out it’s not easy to find a program that match OneNote. Although I really want an open source solution it’s just not working out with Zim Desktop Wiki. And there is why. Although it wasn’t on my list of features I heavily depend on being able to access my notes on deferent devices such as my laptop, netbook (yes I still use one of those), my phone, and over the web. My computers use deferent operation systems (Windows and Linux) and I need to be able to access my notes on both.

Syncing Zim with Dropbox created sync conflict and Dropbox would create a copy of the file for each machine. I have a lot of code snippets and it’s just not ideal reading the code without code highlighting. I also ran into a lot of bugs. Zim Desktop Wiki being an open source project I won’t rant too much about that. The bugs I found were on the Windows version. Some bugs were minor and some made the application crash completely. The bugs aren’t the reason I can’t use it. The reason is that I need something far more advanced them what Zim Desktop Wiki offered. So I back on OneNote again. Yes it is a Windows program, but it has a usable web version that works great on Linux. I am testing an open source server side solution and I might write about that depending on how it turns out.