wxPython 2.9 on Linux

I needed to test one of my programs on Linux. It’s written in Python using wxPython. I am using the the version that is still in development wxPython 2.9. There is prebuild versions for Mac and Windows but unfortunately there isn’t a prebuild package for Linux so I had to compile it myself. However I ran in to some problems making it compile, and since others might have similar problems I’ll thought I would document it.

Download the wxpython 2.9 source here

First there is a problem with the wxPython 2.9.4 that makes the compile fail. Someone has made a patch to fix this. It can be downloaded

To apply the patch change to the root folder of the wxPython source tree and run

Install the necessary packages for wxPython 2.9 to compile and function

Compile and install wxPython

If everything finish without errors you can test if wxPython was correctly installed with the following.