Wood Shelves with leather straps

My wife and I saw these wood shelves in a Christmas catalog last year and we really liked them. The price for these shelves was quite a lot. Essentially since it is just a small wooden plank and a couple of leather straps. So, since they are just that, a small plank and a couple of leather straps. I decided to make them myself.

The Wood


I have a lot of reclaimed wood from old furniture. So in the pile of wood, I found some oak that glued together would make four shelves.

Since I only had an image of the shelves. I had to play around with the size of both the shelves and the leather straps to find the proportions that look good and would fit the lumber I had selected. After fiddling with cardboard and some cord for a while. I ended up deciding on some dimension that looks quite good. I made a detailed plan with all the dimensions I used.

The Leather


This is the first time I had to buy leather so I had to find out where to buy it in the first place. It turns out there is an awesome leather store less than a 15 min drive away. The clerk in the leather store helped me get the right kind of leather and cut it in straps of the width I wanted. He had all the tools necessary to handle leather easily. I do not yet have any leather-specific tools so it was awesome that the store could cut it for me. Side note the clerk was an American working in a leather store in Denmark. Awesome!

The leather straps are held with just one screw in each strap and as you can see in the image above. We have big glass jars with all sorts of dry food on the shelves so they can hold quite a lot of weight with just one screw in each strap. I used some drywall screws with a washer and some black spray paint to make it look good.

That it! there really is not much to it. These shelves are very beautiful and quite simple to build

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