The Podcasts I Listen To

I have listened to audiobooks ever since I was a child. Therefore, listening to podcasts is a very natural way for me to consume information. For the most part, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my daily commute to, and from work. I do also however like to listen while working at work or around the house at home. I have been listening to podcasts since 2007 and I listen to a number of podcasts to keep me up to date with all the news in the fields that interests me.

050914_0823_ThePodcasts1.png   The Jupiter Broadcasting Podcasts Network


 Linux Action Show: A podcast about Linux news, tips, trick, and Linux related topics in general.

linux unplugged

Linux Unplugged: A podcast about Linux new more focused on discussions and loose talk.


Coder Radio: A podcast about software development and related technology.


Tech SNAP: A podcast about System administration and security news.

050914_0823_ThePodcasts5.png    The Twit Network

 Security Now: A podcast about the latest security news and security topics in general.


MacBreak Weekly: A podcast about the latest Apple news, rumors, tips, tricks and Apple related topics in general.


Windows Weekly: A podcast about the latest Microsoft news, rumors, tips, tricks, beer and Microsoft related topics in general.

 Surface Geeks


The Surface Geeks Podcast: A podcast about Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone news.

These are the podcast I really enjoy and listen to every week. What is your favorite podcast?

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