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  • Resetting My Workflow: Good Day OneNote I’ve Missed You

    Some weeks back I switched my note taking and writing workflow to a plain text and markdown based system. I wrote about it in the blog post titled I Say Goodbye to OneNote. The switch sent me on a workflow rollercoaster and it ended with a crash. Therefore, I have reset my workflow to where it last worked. Yes, I…

  • The Podcasts I Listen To

    I have listened to audiobooks ever since I was a child. Therefore, listening to podcasts is a very natural way for me to consume information. For the most part, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my daily commute to, and from work. I do also however like to listen while working at work or around the house at home.…

  • Collector 0.1 Released

    I am proud to announce that my open source project Collector version 0.1 has been released. The programs webpage and user guide is not quite done yet however the program can be downloaded Here. This first version of Collector is Danish only, but other languages are coming in a future version.

  • SSH Port Forwarding

    This will essentially create a VPN(Private Virtual Network) via SSH. It will allow you to access webpages that otherwise only are accessible from within the local network or browse the internet looking like you are on your home IP address. Why is this useful? Well, I’ll tell you what I use it for.   Accessing a local webserver on my…