Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini With Cyanogenmod 11

The risk of me throwing the phone into the wall in frustration finally became greater than the risk of bricking the phone doing the process of rooting the phone and installing Cyanogenmod. I simply had enough of all the bugs that plague the phone. Whether this is an Android 4.2 problem or a Samsung TouchWiz problem, I do not know and I do not care. Therefore, I installed Cyanogenmod and hoped that would be a better experience. If nothing else, I would get a newer version of Android. Because Cyanogenmod 11 is Android 4.4 and my phone had Android 4.2. Android 4.4 is supposed to have a lot of optimization for less powerful phones like the S4 mini.

I have been using Cyanogenmod for about 3 weeks. I have deliberately been waiting to write about it until I had gotten past the first impression. Originally I install Cyanogenmod 10.2.3 stable. However, my phone would randomly reboot several times a day. One day after a week or so, I picked up the phone and it was in some kind of an error state. I rebooted the phone and all my application data was gone. Therefore, I installed the latest snapshot of Cyanogenmod 11. This version however seems stable and I have so far not had any problems with it. Cyanogenmod is a lot better than the Samsung version of Android the phone came with. Now all the bugs and problems I had are no longer there. Now I really enjoy using my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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