Ronn Bundgaard Is Now HTTPS Via Let’s Encrypt

I have always wanted to offer HTTPS on my blog. However a traditional ssl certificate just cost to much for a simple personal blog like this.

So since Let’s Encrypt was announced in 2014 I have been waiting for it to be supported by my host provider I have check from time to time if had started offering Let’s Encrypt. To day I came across this blog post from about them now supporting Let’s Encrypt.

So after paying a fee for enabling the ability to use https I tried to enable https with Let’s Encrypt but got an error. The error was telling me that and did not return http code 200. Since the addresses worked just fine for me I opened a support ticket asking for help resolving the issue. 10 minutes later I got a response. They told me that because I was doing some redirects in my .htaccess file I had to temporary disable it while enebling Let’s Encrypt. I did that and it worked. Awesome! Good support guys :).

To remove the confusion about whether or not the connection to this site is secure I have made it HTTPS only