R.I.P TrueCrypt

There has been many speculations as to whether the TrueCrypt website was hacked or it is the real thing. I believe it to be the real thing and that makes me sad. I do not like the way the Developers of TrueCrypt just one day out of the blue made an end to it without any explanation. This makes me wonder of maybe the NSA approach the developers with some demands that left them no choice but to stop development.

TrueCrypt has been the go to program for encrypting and securing information for anyone who believes that encrypting software should be open source. Many of the security industry public figures has trusted and recommended TrueCrypt for many years. One is Steve Gibson from grc.com and host of the podcast Security Now. Steve has recommended TrueCrypt many times in his podcast. One reason TrueCrypt has been so popular is that it made file encryption very easy, strait forward, and cross platform.

I have used TrueCrypt for many years and I now need to spend many hours migrating to another solution. However, the lag of information as to why the development of an open source project I depend heavily on stopped so unexpected has made me loose some of the faith I have in open source.

What do you think happened?