Note Taking Workflow Update

Back in august I wrote this post where I explained why I moved back to OneNote after trying to move my note taking to plain text with markdown syntax. Well it did not happen. It was simply not possible for me to go back to OneNote and here is why.

In the time I have used markdown I started to explore what I could do with plain text files. The fact that it is just plain text files makes it insanely easy to manipulate the text with code. I wrote some scrips that makes a series of tiring tasks that i often have to do as quick as running a script.

The Windows version of OneNote is the only one that support local notebooks. On a daily basis I use both Windows, Mac and Linux and I need access to my notes on all of them. However, and I can not emphasize this enough, I do not want my notes in the cloud. That on its own, rules out OneNote as it is heavily focused on cloud.

I do not want to remember multiple ways of accessing my notes. Therefor the experience have to be consistent across all the platforms. Using Markdown gives me precisely that. A consistent way of accessing my notes. Using a cross platform text editor like for example Sublime Text or vim makes the experience exactly the same on all platforms. I personally use a cross platform note taking tool I develop myself because it is fully tuned to my need and preferences.

My needs combined with my reluctance to store potential sensitive information in the cloud makes it impossible for me to use OneNote and this time I can safely say that I am no longer using OneNote and have not for a long time. In fact OneNote is not installed on any of my computers or devices.