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A Look At OneNote (UWP) For Windows 10

OneNote 2016 end of life Some time ago Microsoft announced that they are sunsetting the desktop version of OneNote (OneNote 2016). Normal Support is to end on October 2020 and extended support on October 2025. From my understanding of extended support, it is only accessible for Enterprise companies with a lot of money. Not normal people….

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Convert Docx To Markdown With Pandoc

I prefer to use Microsoft Word for most of my writing. I prefer Word because its spell and grammar checker is superior to every other word processor or text editor I have tried. In addition, word has text to speech build in. I use text to speech to have my text spoken to me in…


Note Taking Workflow Update

Back in August, I wrote this post where I explained why I moved back to OneNote after trying to move my note-taking to plain text with markdown syntax. Well, it did not happen. For me to go back to OneNote was simply not possible and here is why. In the time, I have used markdown…

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I Say Goodbye To OneNote

For the past 6+ years, I have used OneNote for most of my note-taking. However, for the past couple of years, I have tried to find an open-source note-taking tool that suits my needs. I finally found one….. well sort of. But first things first. I am not switching away from OneNote because it is…

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R.I.P TrueCrypt

There have been many speculations as to whether the TrueCrypt website was hacked or it is the real thing. I believe it to be the real thing and that makes me sad. I do not like the way the Developers of TrueCrypt just one day out of the blue made an end to it without…