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    Ronn Bundgaard Is Now HTTPS Via Let’s Encrypt

    I have always wanted to offer HTTPS on my blog. However a traditional ssl certificate just cost to much for a simple personal blog like this. So since Let’s Encrypt was announced in 2014 I have been waiting for it to be supported by my host provider unoeuro.com. I have check from time to time if unoeuro.com had started offering Let’s…

  • What I Use: New Series Introduction

    I am starting a new series on this blog called, you guessed it, “What I use”. The intent of this series is to show how and why I use certain things. I say things because this series will not be restricted to tech and will include solutions and products in many categories. I rarely use anything by chance or anything…

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    Back on WordPress

    Over the Christmas holidays of 2014/2015, I switched my blog from WordPress to the static site generator Pelican. I did this mostly because static site generators was the new hotness among geeks, the geek factor was high, and I wanted to try something new. I really like the idea of a blog where I would write blog post in Markdown, and…

  • I Replaced My FreeNAS Server With A Drobo

    I build my FreeNAS Server in 2008 with an Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330 Dual-Core motherboard and CPU and six 1TB WD green drives. This server has been running 24/7 since then without an issue. 7 years has passed and the server has just about run out of space. For a long time, I have been exploring many possible ways to…

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    No More Coding In My Spare Time

    I have been very focused on learning new coding skills and getting as much experience with programming as possible these passed couple of years while studying Computer Science to make the chance of getting a job grater. However while I got a job just after graduating I never stopped using a lot of my spare time working on private projects.…

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    Nerdy Christmas

    Friday 12:00 pm was the deadline for my mobile development exam project. In the fourteen days of the project I had to make a web service, desktop program (C#), web app (asp.net), mobile web app (JQuery Mobile), Android app, and a database they all connect to either direct or via the web service. Ohh and write a rapport with all…

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    System Development Methods project done

    Finally our exams project in System Development Methods is done!!!!! We’ve handed in our paper with only a few minutes to spare. Final examination is on January 4 2013. A new 14 day mobile programming exams project starts now!!!