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Podcasts I Listen To In 2019

It has been about five years since I last wrote about the podcasts I listen to and there has been some changes. So, I thought it was time to update the list. While most of these podcasts have a weekly release some is by weekly. In making this list I was a bit surprised by how…

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I Replaced My Drobos With A FreeNAS Server

It has been a few years since I replace my trusty old FreeNAS server with two old Drobos. You can read about that in my article I Replaced My FreeNAS Server With a Drobo. However, now it is finally…. time to replace those Drobos with a proper FreeNAS server. FreeNAS I first started playing with FreeNAS back…

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Automate Git Push Deploy On UnoEuro

Some time ago I moved my blog back to be a static site after a couple of years of using WordPress. In doing so, I needed a more convenient and robust way to publish the site then I had done with my previous static site. I use UnoEuro to host my site and has done so for many…

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A Look At OneNote (UWP) For Windows 10

OneNote 2016 end of life Some time ago Microsoft announced that they are sunsetting the desktop version of OneNote (OneNote 2016). Normal Support is to end on October 2020 and extended support on October 2025. From my understanding of extended support, it is only accessible for Enterprise companies with a lot of money. Not normal people….

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What I Use: Podget A Simple Podcast Aggregator

After moving outside the city zone a couple of years ago, we no longer have access to a Fiber internet connection. So, instead of the 100/100 Megabit connection we had before we moved we are left with an awfully slow DSL broadband connection with the depressing speed of 10/1 Megabit. Before we moved I did…


Ronn Bundgaard Is Now HTTPS Via Let’s Encrypt

I have always wanted to offer HTTPS on my blog. However, a traditional SSL certificate just cost too much for a simple personal blog like this. So since Let’s Encrypt was announced in 2014 I have been waiting for it to be supported by my host provider I have check from time to time if…